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Health and Nutrition Education

This program is designed to understand your personality and the effect of food on your physiology and psychology. It will guide you to use food to help you cure your dis-ease and disease. Weight loss is a by-product.


This program includes personal, marital and family counselling. It will guide you to establish Logic formulae as per your individual personality, and steps to achieve goals and success in life.

Injury Management

Sprains and strains bring in pain and limit daily function. This program offers treatment for soft tissue injury to bring in relief from sprains and strains.

Sports Coaching

This program is designed to use sports as a tool to understand your personality and guide the aspiring sportsman to uninstall the traits of failure and negativity and replace those traits with that of successand confidence.

FAT 2 MUSCLE Program

This program is designed to convert fat into muscle. Muscle has two functions namely power and speed. This program is tailored to bring in balance in the muscle by developing the right amount of power and speed in every individual specifically based on their individual assessment.


Dr. Tarun Jain P.T.

Physical Therapist | Clinical Psychologist | Sports Instructor |
Reiki Master | Hypnotherapist | Yoga Instructor
  • Dr Tarun Jain is a Physical Therapist and a clinical psychologist practising over two decades (including 10 years in the US) and counting. He specializes in Sports Injuries and Bio-mechanics. In the domain of psychology, he specializes in embellishing Human Behavior along with Marital and Family counselling. He has pursued Golf as a professional on the Indian Professional Circuit (PGA) from 2003-2006 and is a known columnist for Golf Digest.
  • Dr Jain has an experience in versatile fields which cover the broad range of people, that has enabled him to develop an algorithm which is designed to synchronize the mind and the body in any field be it Sports, Health or Life. His algorithm identifies traits in an individual which brings in success and failure. Furthermore, his treatment includes 5 steps to convert the traits of failure into success in various fields of Life.
  • He has helped numerous patient across the world to relieve them from dis-ease and diseases, where weight-loss and health gain is a bi-product of a process. He has been certified by the USA for the following degrees and certifications:

Sports Mental Coaching

Golf Instructor

Tennis Instructor

Reiki Master

Neuro Linguistic Programming


Sports Nutrition


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