No Orders For Home Cooking…!

No Orders For Home Cooking…!

And along with it, will disappear the wisdom associated with good home cooking. Gharelu nuskhe that magically cured a bad cold, that persistent fever or winter joint pains.

There is a reason why India is the world seat of Ayurveda. Ancient cures and goodness of ingredients like turmeric, ginger, garlic, ajwain and much more, was an inclusive part of our mothers kitchen.
Sadly, all this is going to be history and home cooking….soon will be a forgotten skill and art!!

The signs are all around us and I wish to share it with you. Just the other day I was watching an advertisement on television and something struck me immediately. The advertisement was by one of the online food delivery restaurants which showed a mother and son playing a video game. The son stops the game as he is hungry and the mother open an app on her phone; orders food online and they continue playing.

In another advertisement a daughter tells her mother that she longs to have her mother’s hand cooked cuisine. The mother clicks open an app on her mobile and orders it online.

Now look at how these advertisements use the same “mother’s hand” to boost their credibility. How cleverly it insists that as the mother chose to order food online, using her hands – the ordered food is as good as the mother’s hand cooked food!!

These advertisements looks very mundane in terms of knowing that everyone orders food once in a while at home. But it is not that simple as it looks. The intention of various online food restaurants is commercial gain. In order to compete with other food delivery outlets, they go to any extent. These online food delivery restaurants have an unquenching desire to expand their business. So much so that they claim that the food they provide has the same taste as if cooked by one’s own grandmother or mother.

In one way or the other, through these advertisements, the child’s mind is getting conditioned to believe that home delivered food is as good as home cooked and ordering food online is not unhealthy!
But food ordered from outside is usually high on elements that most of us should avoid.
It includes added preservatives, colors etc that bring with it a lot of ailments and diseases, whether its diabetes or obesity. Daily consumption of such food can lead to other life threatening complications.

Why is it that these days some member in each household suffers from one disease or the other. Whether its cancer, constipation, thyroid, diabetes, gout etc. or diseases which are rare and foreign that many people in India still don’t know about like Guillain barre syndrome, Epstein Barr virus, Multiple sclerosis and others.

The western world is more organized when it comes to health care for its citizens. The government, administration and research and development teams all work together to collectively protect the health rights of the citizens of their country. While India still continues to follow the chalta hai attitude.

Amid such scenario, it’s depressing to know that love of cooking food for food’s sake has lost its cultural value, in our rasois
Selling food online has become a commercial initiative.
The sheer joy of cooking at home for everyone; seeing happiness and satisfaction on the faces of your loved ones cannot be substituted by ordering food online. The whole family helping in the kitchen, uniting at dinner to have ‘home cooked food’ strengthens familial bonding and enables to continue this “grouping” tradition.

It takes very little common sense to appreciate home cooked food; Every ingredient is selectively picked by lady of the house..and sometimes even our fathers.
Depending upon what is seasonal and fresh, they pick good market produce. Also, there are no preservatives and added colors in home cooked food. One thing which even food laboratories cannot detect under their microscope which makes home food the best is the ‘love’ ingredient. Mothers, pour their heart out while cooking food for their family. The intention behind home cooked food is growth and development of the precious life itself, it is bound to be both nourishing and tasty.

It’s high time to understand that food is not just a commodity to be consumed. The food that is produced and consumed as a commodity lacks the most vital and precious ingredient what we call ‘love’. This ‘love’ is the source of all life and growth. If you don’t know how to cook even basic food for yourself, then definitely you are missing something in your life. It’s pathetic when people say proudly that they don’t know how to make a cup of tea. It’s something like feeling proud of not knowing and not speaking your own mother tongue.

Before future home kitchens turn into a pantry of stacked up commodities, please revive the forgotten art of home cooking. Learn and enjoy cooking, at least the basic food with love. It will turn out to be the best for your health.
Let us bring back the warmth of our rasois .

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