The Three Essential Components To A Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Knowing what kind of food SUITS you, depending upon your UNIQUE personality and physiology.
  2. To be sure whether the suggested food preference can be incorporated in your daily ROUTINE, which involves both work and play.
  3. And finally, to choose that which is healthy for you without giving up on the TASTE factor.

So, a healthy lifestyle starts by incorporating what’s suitable for you and at the same time, having the flexibility to make it a part of your daily routine without having to sacrifice on the taste.

The health industry has become more than a trillion dollar industry across the world with new drugs, food plans, herbs and techniques coming up every day. New diet plans and theories have their own success stories to tell because some people are deliberately able to sacrifice on the taste factor in order to achieve a short and medium term goal like getting ready for an event as big as a wedding and vacation or out of fear of losing any important bodily function leading to problems like diabetes, arthritis, thyroid, knee pain and constipation etc.

This sacrifice made on the taste factor in order to achieve a short or medium term goal is in itself a short lived success story. People achieve temporary success by eating what is suitable for them and incorporating it in their daily routine, but compromising on the taste. Thus, the taste buds sooner or later become active, after the short term goal is achieved. This, results in people going back to their old lifestyle, this time being more demanding when it comes to taste, often leading to weight gain and other health issues again.

People who fail completely in these diet and other programs are those who don’t have a daily routine for themselves. The real permanent solution for a healthy lifestyle is the amalgamation of suitability, routine and taste, in the aforementioned hierarchy – the three vital components of a healthy lifestyle. Till then everything is bound to fail or provide temporary success, no matter which technique or theory you use. So, for a permanent solution to a healthy lifestyle – amalgamate the aforementioned three components within you. In case of any query and personal guidance, reach out for help anytime.


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  1. Very well explained.. food cooking style and taste if incorporated with your daily life can really help.That’s the reason we are able to loose weight …I feel the food you give and your recipes are much much better that the daily stuff we ate

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