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Mind is the master controller. It can be taken over by desires or it can be governed by function. At Trusting minds we transform desires into outcomes without losing mental peace during and after the process
Mental Coaching
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Beyond Positivity
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Logistic Diary
Body is the master performer. It converts emotions and thoughts into action. It needs to be in peak and pristine condition to deliver peak performance. It should have the capacity to recover after performance.
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Health & Nutrition
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Gain & Loss
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TM Heart: Know your heart to be fit
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Health Nutrition Package
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TM Perfect Scan Machine
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TM Blood Report Analyzer
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TM Progress Buddy: Health Tracker
In sports both mind and body has to be at the highest level during the entire performance.
Good technique makes you a good player but being in poor balance and still hit a great shot makes you a great performer.
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Mental Coaching for
All Sports
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Golf Syntax
Patented Golf Training
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Ground Unit Reality
All Sports Assessment
TM Groovy
Golf Training Device
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Awkward Lies App
Golf Ball Behaviour